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Anthony Shamrell, Legal Document Assistant (LDA)


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September 16, 1926

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Did you Know...?

Attorneys charge upwards of $250 to $300.00 per hour & a $2500 Retainer before they do anything on your case. Most or all of these fees will be used up on preparing and filing your documents in court. No doubt whatsoever...Attorneys ARE expensive. They too, provide a valuable service; but guess what...Attorneys charge the same hourly rate whether your case is a simple legal matter or a case with complex issues. Most people do not need an attorney but, if you ever do, we can recommend reputable Attorneys to you.

When money is tight...People decide to represent themselves in simple Family Law and other legal matters. These people are referred to as "Pro Per Litigants" and can generally tell the judge their needs and the reason(s) for their needs just as well as any attorney can. Unfortunately, these same people have a very difficult time with the preparation of the necessary forms/documents required by the court to begin and finish a particular action in their case. More often than not, their forms will be rejected by the court over and over again due to improper preparation of the required documents by Pro Per Litigants.

We can help...eliminate costly errors and lost time as well as REDUCE NEEDLESS STRESS!!

We provide...professional, competent & "Personalized" assistance to our clients at a fraction of what others in the industry charge. We take the time to know your unique situation so that we may accurately prepare your documents per the rules of court procedure; addressing all issues and further, getting your prepared documents accepted and filed by the court the FIRST time they are submitted. PLUS, we'll file and serve the documents for you for an additional fee.


First Heading or Title

September 16, 1926

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By doing so, you will find that I am among the most competent in my field.

You will also find that I am among the most reasonable in terms of cost for the valuable services I provide to my client customers. It is my goal to provide you with the best possible service and to include you as one of my many satisfied clients. I receive the majority of my business through “Word Of Mouth”. My clients are my BEST source of advertising. Once you’ve chosen Shamrell Legal Document Preparation; I’m confident you will see why. Whether you choose us or another self-help service, I thank you for stopping by and wish you the best of luck throughout your legal process.

My name is Anthony Shamrell. I am a Legal Document Assistant (LDA), registered and bonded in Riverside County. I am a registered and bonded Process Server (Registration# 983 - Riverside County) and a bonded Public Notary. I am also the owner of Shamrell Legal Document Preparation.

Since 1991 I have assisted clients with their legal needs while providing the highest quality document preparation services which, include preparing, notarizing, filing and serving your legal documents. My 17 years of experience guarantees you complete, accurate and professional document preparation and further guarantees that your documents will be accepted by the court or other entities the first time they are submitted for filing.

Unlike most LDA’s and Paralegals, I gained my knowledge and experience hands on. I began working for a Civil and Family Law Attorney in 1991. He provided me every opportunity to gain the knowledge of a Paralegal and I took full advantage of his expertise and willingness to teach and train me.

In 1996 I began working for the State Of California Superior Courts in both Orange and Riverside counties. I was assigned to the Facilitator’s Offices within the courts and also the Family Law Assistance Center (FLAC) at Riverside County Superior Court. There, I gained even more knowledge in self-help programs and services offered to pro per litigants. Therefore, I am very well versed as to the rules of court procedures. I worked for the courts for 7 years until I left the courts and founded Shamrell Legal Document Preparation. Since 2003, I’ve been in business helping people who are representing themselves in simple legal matters with their document preparation needs. I have a 100% satisfaction rate and I will not settle for less. You shouldn’t either. For your protection, make sure that the Legal Document Assistant you hire is bonded and registered and that he or she has their credentials posted for your inspection. These credentials ensure that the LDA you are doing business with is legitimate and is in compliance with all local, state and federal statutes.


Voting Member, CALDA (California Association Of Legal Document Assistants)
Member, NALDP (National Association Of Legal Document Preparers)
Member, NNA (National Notary Association)
Member, NPSA (Nationwide Process Servers Association)
Member, BBB (Better Business Bureau)

I am not an attorney and cannot give legal advice. I can refer clients requiring legal advice or representation to a reputable attorney should the need arise.